March 15, 2020

FIVE  ways to keep your HOME REMODEL progressing


As with many other small business owners, NEW business has grinded to a halt.  We are all focusing on faith, family, the economy.  Patiently as we can watching and waiting.  Rightfully so.

Before the virus came full circle, I was working with homeowners ready to start a bathroom remodel,  or a kitchen makeover,  a flooring replacement,  and an outdoor kitchen.  Home Repair and Remodeling is considered an essential business,  however to protect everyone we are not actively in homes at this time.  BUT, my suppliers are open for business and I can still do pricing and material selections.

Perhaps you have a project you’d like to start but think you need to wait until everything quiets down or maybe you’re not sure how to get things moving I’ve come up with 5 ideas that you can do while you’re at home to get your project in order and ready when we are all able to get back out and back to business J.


Most of us are online more than usual these days. Use this time to check out the multitude of pictures on Pinterest online or the Pinterest App on your phone.   Start with the area you want to focus first.  Search Bathroom or Kitchen or Flooring, etc and from there examine different aspects of the room (Shower, Tile, Cabinets, Lighting).  On Pinterest you can create “Idea Boards” to group the pictures that inspire you.  Gather and build from them.


2.    online – Thousands of design trends, styles and colors for every room in your home.    You can get so many ideas about your project that you probably never considered.  Bathroom and Kitchen size and layout inspiration.  A picture or a multitude of pictures that help me understand the look you want.



3.    DDR.png Facebook Group - Collaborate with others about your project ideas and questions.  Join the “Designing, Decorating & Remodeling”  Facebook Group and post your pics, ideas, questions and comments.  This is a fairly new group I’d like to see grow.  It’s a great place to get feedback, relevant info and see what others are doing with their remodeling budget.


4.     Contact BWR.PNG

A Full Service Home Remodeling & Design business working closely with you to provide quality, professional services.  Offering to all its clients assistance with design ideas, inspiration and material selection.  Big Willow Remodeling has a high customer satisfaction record and efficient work ethics which keep your project on track and on time.  Let’s take that project to the next level with an estimate, timeline and everything you need to move forward.


5.     Financing! Financing! Financing! – Now is a good time to make those Lender calls if your project will require additional capital.  Lenders are working at about a 26 days turnaround for Cash out or refinance and even if we go to a strict stay at home state there are ways to process the loan through.   With Interest Rates where they are – NOW is the time to take advantage!  Rates are at an all time low.  If you get your financing complete then when we do get out of this – and we will – then we will be ready to start your project right away.  Here are some Lenders that would love your business.